Is plastic fantastic? Yes!

It is created by people and is useful and versatile – plastic really is fantastic. Plastic advances everyday life, medicine, the economy and science like no other material. Plastic is efficient, inexpensive and sustainable, but its advantages are overshadowed by reports of mountains of plastic waste. The ‘Plastic is fantastic’ initiative wishes to change this by educating people about the true value of this resource.

ocean cleanup

Plastic in the oceans – from rivers and fishing boats

There is a great deal of waste drifting about in our oceans. 75 per cent of this waste is plastic and has two causes: rivers – ten to be precise – carry plastic waste from the land into the oceans, and targeted countermeasures can be developed on the basis of this insight. However, the majority of the plastic comes from commercial fishing gear which has been lost – a factor which has so far attracted far less public attention. Adopting an approach here is significantly more difficult.

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The raw materials – including sand, lime and soda – require temperatures of up to 1,600 degrees Celsius to melt. Even when 65 per cent of the mixture is broken glass, it is still 1,400 degrees Celsius. In order to maintain those temperatures, the glassworks have to heat continuously with gas or oil; their ovens cannot stand still for a moment – otherwise, they will break down.

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glass bottles
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Images of mountains of plastic waste polarise the debate regarding how to solve the problem. Calls are frequently made for a complete ban on plastics. But upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that a demand of this kind doesn’t make any sense, in particular as regards sustainability.

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Achieving Sustainability Goals with Plastics

If plastic packaging were to be completely dispensed with in the food sector, CO2 emissions would be 2.7 times higher. The longer shelf life of food packed in plastic saves more CO2 than the production of the packaging. Facts like this are surprising only at first glance.

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endconsumer warenkorb
Woman is holding a PET milk bottle and pouring the milk in a glass

PET Milk Bottles – A Real Step Forward

Milk comes in many forms of packaging. We are now increasingly seeing it in PET bottles on supermarket shelves. A good idea? Of course it is! Milk is currently available in glass bottles or composite cartons. Glass, whether it’s reusable or disposable, is only sustainable as packaging at first glance.

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‘Plastic is fantastic’ FAQs

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